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Useless to Resist

“Useless to Resist”

Starring Norah Nova

Wonder Woman is captured by Cheetah and her evil accomplice. Tied to the bed, the sexy Wonder Woman is defenseless against Cheetahs tongue. She is bit  gagged, her tits sucked, and her pussy rubbed and licked by Cheetah before her powers are sucked out of her with a powerful magic wand. When Cheetah’s accomplice joins in, Wonder Woman stands no chance against the evil duo as she is forsed to take the entire length of his cock, his tongue in her ass, and Cheetah’s clit in her mouth. During the encounter however Cheetah becomes fond of the whispy Wonder Woman and as she exacts revenge in the name of her new found friend on his cock, he is forced to lick the boot of his new enemy.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Superheroine, Cosplay, Bit Gagged, Pussy Licking, Tickling, Pussy Licking, Lesbian, Nipple Play, Blowjob, Ass Eating, 2on1 Sex, Hitachi, Tied Up, FemDom, Boot Licking,  Fucking, Body Views, Foot Views.. 

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word “teen”, “teenage”, “young girl” is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

1920X1080 HD Quality 60FPS MP4 Format

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Sergeant Bottom Bitch

Starring Ashley Lane and Rock Bottom

Sergeant Bottom waits for Supergirl in the woods trying to get the drop on her. She can sense him and in the blink of an eye she has overpowered him and thrown him to the ground. He begs for her not to hurt him but she steps on his chest and gives him a swift justice kick to the balls.

She puts him on his knees and forces him to worship her pussy. Not satisfied, super villains can’t eat pussy well after all, she makes him suck on her tits while she rubs her clit, moaning in satisfaction until she cums.

She forces him to the ground, making him worship her boots, licking and kissing the red leather all the way up her calf. Supergirl remembers that Blackgate is in the vicinity, and she realizes that Sgt. Bottom escaped from prison. She shakes him forcing him to admit that he busted out.

She thinks that most of Sgt. Bottom’s gang is still there, and she wants to embarrass him by forcing him to strip naked. She turns him around, picks up as stick and shove it right up his own Sergeant Bottom! She leads him back to prison, humiliated.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Superheroines, Outdoors, Nature, Costumes, Supergirl, Tit Sucking, Pussy Eating, Forced Pussy Eating, Clit Rubbing, Boot Worship, Boot Fetish, Book Licking, Forced Stripped Male Stripping

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Domination of Powergirl


Starring Darcie Belle and Ashley Lane.

Mistress Lane has captured Powergirl for her very own slave. She throws her to the ground and orders her to kiss her boots. Powegirl complies despite her whimpering and crying. She doesn’t want to lick the filth off her boots, but Mistress Lane is demanding and persistent.

She licks her boots for a while, but reaches a breaking point and can’t do it anymore. This does not make Mistress Lane very happy, so she decides to punish her for her insolence. She drags her over to the winch and straps her up to the ceiling by her wrists. Powergirl whimpers and sobs, terrified by what might happen to her. Now that she is strapped up to the winch, Mistress Lane pulls out Powergirl’s tits, licking her nipples and caressing her entire body, preparing her for what comes next.

Then she beats her into submission a little before she pulls out a massive vibrator with which to drain her powers one orgasms at a time. She turns it on and rubs it all over Powergirl’s pussy. At first she resists, but then she gives in to the pleasure. She moans and sways her hips into the head of the vibrator as Mistress Lane tortures her with pleasure.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Superheroine, Role Play, Costumes, Forced Orgasms, Fighting, Domination, Femme Dom, Boot Licking, Boot Worship, Boot Kissing, Bondage, Vibrator, Toys.


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Just Take Me To Jail


Starring Katarina Kay, Zoey Foxx, and Rock

Sgt Bottom has escaped from jail after years of planning. Super girl and Wonder Woman find him to take him back but they decide to have some fun with him first. They make him wish he was back in jail.

First the girls punch him down and get on top of him. They tease him and use him like a little play thing. They take turns rubbing his face in their ass cheeks and forcing him to grab and lick their tits. After he worships their boots and kisses their feet, they force him to get on his hands and knees so they can ride him and slap his ass. Humiliated, he keeps asking them just to take him back to jail.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Superheroine, Femdom, Tit Worship, Boot Worship, Nipple Play, Nipple Licking, Boot Licking, Face Sitting, Humiliation, Play Fighting, Role Play, Costumes.


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Stargirl Justice


Starring Katarina Kay and Rock

Stargirl is out for vengeance! She takes Rock under her control and forces him to do whatever she wants. She makes him worship her feet, remove her boots and socks, lick her feet. Then she sits on his face, all while verbally humiliating him.

She slaps around his penis a little bit and then makes her lick her ass. Then she makes them disappear.


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