Supergirl vs The Evil Sorceress

Zoey Paige and Alisha Adams – Supergirl has been invited to give a speech to some students, she arrives at a home where Alisha meets her, Supergirl is confused. Alisha reveals herself to be The Evil Sorceress and Supergirl and her quickly begin to fight, they exchange throws and belly punches until the Sorceress overtakes her and and casts a spell making her more agreeable. The Sorceress brings out a camera and sets it up on a tripod. She announces to the camera that Supergirl is her first guest on “My First Lesbian Sextape”. The Sorceress asks Supergirl for a kiss, which quickly escalates to her performing oral on Supergirl, then Supergirl returning the favor. Then the Sorceress brings out a strap-on and has Supergirl suck her fake cock, then she fucks Supergirl. They end their lesbian sex tape fun with some tribbing. *Explicit Sexual Content



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