War World


Starring Kate England, Ashley Lane and MaX CoXXX

Welcome to War World! A place where you can see heroes and warriors from different worlds, times and dimensions fight for their freedom!

Today the game master has captured Supergirl from Earth Prime and Powergirl from Earth 2, the two equally matched heroines will put on quite a show!

The two heroines face off, Supergirl begins by telling Powergirl that if they work together that they can escape this without fighting. Powergirl laughs at Supergirls request and fires her laser vision, Supergirl does the same catching the beam. Powergirls attacking her angers her so much that she is ready to teach this second rate hero a lesson.

Supergirl pushes her laser vision hard, then runs up and punches Powergirl in the stomach then throws her across the room and rushes to punch her again. A few hits and Powergirl is done, Supergirl further humiliates her by playing with her tits, squeezing her nipples and sucking on them, slapping her breasts around and rubbing her pussy through her costume. She tickles the defeated heroine, then makes her worship her boots while she masturbates to orgasm.

Supergirl, thinking she has won, demands the game master to send her home, so he puts it to the audience for a vote. BOO. Both heroines have failed and must be punished in the dungeon.

The game master takes the heroines to the cell and before punishing them, fucks them, hard and mean, spanking them and tearing them up with his cock until he cums!

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, Fighting, SFX, Humiliation, Belly Punching, Breast Play, Breast Torment, Nipple Twisting, Nipple Sucking, Boot Worship, Masturbation, Girl on Girl, Tickling, Forced Orgasm, Fucking.


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3 thoughts on “War World”

  1. Beautiful models with gorgeous bodies. Pretty well written story as well. But why does the game master use a strap-on? That’s pretty weak! Should be called the ‘gay master’. Nothing worse than a guy (who’s supposed to have a penis of his own) use a fake one to fuck a girl. It weakens the scene in my opinion. Women using strap-ons- I get it. But guys ??? Come on!

    1. Many of the projects are customs. Meaning, the customer funds the production. In this case, a particular actor was requested and the actor does not do hardcore. the customer wanted the prosthetic option.

      In general, most of our productions that have explicit b/g scenes, will be real. Every once in a while, there are circumstances that require a prosthetic. As you probably are aware, what might seem like a simple act of hardcore, actually is quite complex–requiring medical testing certification, approval of cast members as well as the accommodations of various limits from individual actors. All this is done within a tight shooting schedule and on limited funds. While it would be nice to have weeks to do casting calls, and pre-production prep to make sure everything is absolutely perfect, the reality in a fetish-centric production is far different.

      If you have specific concerns, comments or suggestions, feel free to email me at: johnm.pkf@pkfstudios.com

      Customs Manager

  2. The adult industry is more complex than we realize. I understand. Safety and regulations come first. No problem. But you’re telling me that some customer requested a dude with a prosthetic penis to pretend to be violating to gorgeous superheroines? Does it matter who the hell plays a masked villain? Mickey Rooney could have done the part as long as he has a real ‘johnson’ (and tested of course). Sorry! I just can’t get over the Mr. prosthetic (obviously). Hard to believe a paying customer requested that. But overall your movies are damn good! I’ve purchased many of your videos.

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