Sergeant Bottom Bitch

Starring Ashley Lane and Rock Bottom

Sergeant Bottom waits for Supergirl in the woods trying to get the drop on her. She can sense him and in the blink of an eye she has overpowered him and thrown him to the ground. He begs for her not to hurt him but she steps on his chest and gives him a swift justice kick to the balls.

She puts him on his knees and forces him to worship her pussy. Not satisfied, super villains can’t eat pussy well after all, she makes him suck on her tits while she rubs her clit, moaning in satisfaction until she cums.

She forces him to the ground, making him worship her boots, licking and kissing the red leather all the way up her calf. Supergirl remembers that Blackgate is in the vicinity, and she realizes that Sgt. Bottom escaped from prison. She shakes him forcing him to admit that he busted out.

She thinks that most of Sgt. Bottom’s gang is still there, and she wants to embarrass him by forcing him to strip naked. She turns him around, picks up as stick and shove it right up his own Sergeant Bottom! She leads him back to prison, humiliated.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Superheroines, Outdoors, Nature, Costumes, Supergirl, Tit Sucking, Pussy Eating, Forced Pussy Eating, Clit Rubbing, Boot Worship, Boot Fetish, Book Licking, Forced Stripped Male Stripping

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2 thoughts on “Sergeant Bottom Bitch”

  1. I really liked the idea of this: a highly exhibitionist and horny Supergirl whose idea of justice is using criminals for her pleasure. But she should be more playful and creative in the role, or at least have more serious sexual action. Way too much time with the boot-kissing, but I guess some people get off on that. I’ll give it a star for having Supergirl go commando, but that is more fun when she is shy about her sluttiness, and wants to pretend like she’s a good girl.

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