Rescue Gone Wrong


Starring Nickey Huntsman, Lily LaBeau, Alice Whyte, Miles, and Rock.

Directed by Alex Dorian

When Robin is taken prisoner by the White Faced Heronappers, Wonder Woman and Batgirl decide to come rescue her. The nappers capture the two heroines, pushing them to the ground, kicking and beating them into submission. The nappers tie all three girls up against the prison wall, tickling them, fondling their feet, stripping them slowly. They continue to plead for mercy as the guards torment and dishevel them, removing their shoes one by one and tickling their feet.

Then the guards fondle them and begin to grab and play with their breasts, teasing their pussies. They throw them down on the prison floor and force Wonder Woman and Batgirl to touch each other. They force Wonder Woman to eat Batgirls pussy while she stands above her, scared by what might happen to her if she doesnt comply. The girls undress each other as per their orders, grabbing and fondling them as he tells them what to do. The terrified girls caress each other, playing with each others tits and pussies.

They force Batgirl to lick Wonder Womans pussy, and one of them whips his cock out for her to suck while she is being pleasured by Batgirl. Still frightened, she takes his cock in her mouth as Batgirl continues to eat her pussy. Meanwhile, the other napper molests Robin, touching her, rubbing her clit, and undressing her.

Then the other napper grabs Wonder Woman and flips her over to lick Batgirls pussy while he fucks her doggy style. Robin and her tormentor join the the trio, he grabs Wonder Womans head and forces his cock into her mouth. The other man continues to fuck her from behind as Robin rubs Batgirls clit. They continue to force the three girls to fuck in various positions until they cum.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, Capture, Beatdown, Bondage, Tickling, Foot Tickling, Foot Play, Foot Grabbing, Struggling, Pussy Licking, Blow Job, Orgy, Face Sitting, Masks, Hand Job, Forced Lesbian, Forced Blow Job, Hair Pulling, Slapping, Nudity, Fucking

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4 thoughts on “Rescue Gone Wrong”

  1. I loved this video…especially the fact they had socks on under their boots…can u do more videos with heroines tickled like this with socks under their boots again…but maybe leave one sock on

      1. ok I already own many of your tickling videos and have al lthe compilations…I was just curious if any of the ones I don’t have have the heroines with socks under their boots?? Can u do more videos like this in the future and maybe leave one sock on next time to do sock vs bare….in the orangatang video with Rose Black…I think she has black nylon socks on…I cant tell….please let me know

        1. Usually they do have socks under their boots, but as far as one sock on, one sock off I’ll have to do a little more digging for you to accurately answer that question. However! We do offer custom videos. If you’re interested in something very specific we can make pretty much anything happen. You can visit for more information. Or feel free to email me directly at if you have any questions.

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