Rebecca Rush vs. Leech

Rebecca Rush vs. Leech
Starring Tiffany Fox, Rock and Trixi Gunns Rebecca Rush is a very speedy superheroine. While doing some shopping at the mall, she overheard a man yell “I am Leech! Fear me!” so she ran to see what it was. Leech, a mishap villain, had just robbed a kiosk, and at seeing Miss Rush rushing forward, he leapt off the balcony and landed on a kiosk that sold garden gnomes…the result was fatal and quite messy. In the morgue, Rebecca Rush is summoned to fill out paperwork about the incident. While crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s, Leech raises from the , the devil granted him the ability to absorb powers from super people through any orifice, and get revenge for his and wreak havoc on all that is good starting with Rebecca Rush…After sucking all of her power out till she’s weak, he decides it’s time to find a new heroine to suck dry!


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