Pay Up Or She’s Finished


Pepper Kester, Starli, Rock and Brock – Pepper, the commissioners daughter, has been captured by two thugs, they call the commissioner trying to money, but he refuses, so they beat her. They hear a knock at the door, and ask who is there, the voice says it’s the commissioner, so they open the door to find Super Babe! She fights them, but they end up getting the better of her, then tell her that the only way they will let them go is if they have hot lesbian sex, Super Babe agrees and starts to take Pepper’s clothes off and kiss her, while rubbing her pussy. they fall to the ground and rub each others pussies till they have super orgasms, then Super Babe gets up and shoots a power ball at the villains, and puts them out, then she grabs Pepper and they escape.


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