Devon Dauntless vs Leech

Rilynn Rae and Rock
Directed by JohnM

The superpowered power sucker Leech is back, and this time he is making good his promise to Rebecca Rush that he will take down her good friend Devon Dauntless, a heroine with super strength. Devon, seeking revenge for what this monster did to her good friend, is on the hunt and has finally tracked him down. With Rebecca Rush’s speed, he easily dodges the blows Devon throws at him, and uses his absorption powers to slowly suck the strength from her. Leech gets her down and starts licking her pussy sucking all of her powers from her till she is too weak to resist.


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2 thoughts on “Devon Dauntless vs Leech”

  1. This is a custom I hired these guys to create. I could not be happier. They totally brought my script to life! Outstanding.

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