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Red Riding Hood & The Wolf


Tegan Mohr and Attila The Hung

After her run in with Wonder Woman(Wonder Woman VS Red Riding Hood) Red Riding Hood is locked up at Strykers Penn. for the long haul, but what nobody knows, is that she has another wolf hidden away, waiting for the day to free her, and that day is today. The wolfman breaks in and Red and her creation escape to her secret lair. There she puts on her costume and prepares to take down Wonder Woman once and for all, but her wolf refuses to help her and attacks her, mistress and slave fight, the wolfman bearhugs her throws her down and punches her out, then strips her and carries her off to the bedroom. He holds her down with her arms over her head and licks her body until she wakes, then he holds her down and eats her pussy making her cum, then pulls out his wolf/man hybrid penis and fucks her till he cums. *Explicit Sexual Content


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