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The Return Of Professor Pinstripes

Zoey Paige, Alisha Adams and Rock – Wonder Woman and Supergirl have been captured by Professor Pinstripes, they lay on the ground bound and gagged struggling against their binds. Supergirl is bound by Kryptonite rope and Wonder Woman, her own lasso. Professor Pinstripes enters and offers a challenge, he will fight Supergirl and if he wins he gets Wonder Womans virtue, and if he loses, they are free to go. He starts by beating on Supergirl while she is still tied, then he unties her and beats her down with the Kryptonite rope wrapped around his . After defeating her, he has her suck his cock, then he moves on to Wonder Woman, fucking her sweet amazonian virtue away until he cums all over her.



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Pinstripes vs Redline

starring Marylin and Rock

Professor Pinstripes has a plan to tap into a multinational banking company via an online program and steal money. However he has no clue how the as he calls it the “interwebs” really works. He calls his cable company to get a repair person over to help him, but the call is intercepted by “LOG” the League of Good. Redline is dispatched to stop his evil plan and make sure he doesn’t get away with stealing. She shows up, asks a few questions and makes sure of what he is doing and then turns into Redline. Pinstripes has trouble with the fact she’s a woman and at first just can’t bring himself to fight a woman. Redline tells him he must stop or else. He doesn’t stop and that’s when Redline is forced to make him stop. As she is just about to overpower Pinstripes, she makes a comment about his love for pinstripes and it enrages him. He kicks her ass and takes her back to his dungeon for a little torture. He shoots her with his Debilitator Ray and she becomes powerless.  He fondles, fucks her and she starts to see that maybe being evil has its points.