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Batman Couldn’t See It Cumming


Starring Dee Dee Lynn and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Poison Ivy is wanted, escaped from arkham, Batman chases her down and captures her, but now he has to take her back to Gotham for her trial.

Halfway there, they stop at a hotel for the night, Poison Ivy keeps complaining about her handcuffs, so Batman un does them then goes to nap.

While he is napping, Poison Ivy creeps toward him and takes his cock out and starts to stroke it, he wakes up and demands to know what she’s doing, so she blows a magic powder into his face, making him her slave.

She orders him to clean and worship her boots, he licks and kisses her boots while she rubs her nipples, then she has him sit down on the couch while she strokes his cock, forcing him to cum!

Fetish Elements: Superheroine, Super Villainess, Handcuffs, Costumes, Sleepy Hand Job, Mind Fuck, Boot Worship, Boot Domination, Boot Cleaning, Boot Fetish, Mistress, Fem Domme, Submissive, Submissive Male, Handjob, Forced Orgasm, JOI

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Poison Ivy’s Sex Slave

Alana Rains, Rock and Trixxi Gunns – Poison Ivy has a girl and is using her as bait to lure the Batman to her lair. Batman shows up, and demands she let the girl go and turn herself in, Ivy tells Batman that she has no intention of doing any of that, and that she has mixed Skorpion Venom with Ficas extract and injected it into herself, which has made her strong, stronger than Batman. They fight and it doesn’t take long for Poison Ivy to defeat Batman, she tells him to kiss her, but knowing she has mind altering lipstick on he refuses, and she kisses him anyway and Batman starts to writhe in pain as her pheromones start to take control of him. She sits down and orders Batman to crawl to her and worship her feet, she then lays him down on the bed and starts to suck his dick, then she rides him cowgirl and then has him fuck her doggy style and then standing, then Batman pounds her face until he cums all around and inside her mouth. Batman then punches Poison Ivy, and she wonders he he broke from her control and he tells her that he was faking, “Taking one for the team” then he hits her again, frees the girl and they leave. *Explicit Sexual Content


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