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Robin Meets Dr. Wayne Brenen


Starring Victoria Verve and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Robin is looking to get in the big leagues, something huge that will earn her Batman’s respect

She decides to go after the infamous Dr. Wayne Brenen, robotics expert and black market weapons creator

She calls his office, pretending to be the secretary of a powerful client looking to buy his new Dibiltator Ray, she sets up a meeting place and time and goes there, ready to take him down!

Once at the meeting place, an abandoned hospital, she hides behind a curtain waiting for him to arrive. He walks in, briefcase in hand and Robin sees her chance to attack, she throws a flash bang grenade, which startles him, and she runs out and starts beating on him.

Brenen fights back, he is strong and fast, but Robin grabs a defibrillator paddle and shocks him, she beats him down onto the hospital bed, where his briefcase is, he grabs it and smacks her in the face with it, then pulls out the laser and fires.

Robin drops convulsing, Dr. Brenen explains that this is a new model, one the not only debilitates but also shoots nano-bots into the victim, which make their way to the brain and take control of the body.

He orders her to stand up and to take off her costume, she fights it, but her body moves on it’s own, stripping her.

He orders her to stop halfway, leaving her boots, mask utility belt and bracers on, then he orders her to lay down on the bed.

He grabs a machine nearby, and uses his knowledge of robotics to turn it into a fucking machine! He wheels it closer to her and slides the fake cock into her pussy and turns it on

The fucking machine pounds Robin’s tight pussy, making her cum again and again, he turns it up as Robin starts to be overcome by pleasure.

After he is done humiliating her with his machine, he orders her to take off her mask and reveal her secret identity. Robin fights and sobs while her arms move up to expose her secret.

Fetish Elements: Superheroines, Explicit Sexual Content, Fighting, Mind Fuck, Beat Down, Boob Shaking, Stripping, Zombie Walking, Fucking Machine, Forced Orgasm, Dildos, Nudity, Unmasking

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Batgirl Captured By Wayne Brenen

Lumin, Rock, Torro Bravo, Attila and Jack – Batgirl has been captured by some of Wayne Brenen’s thugs, they drag her into her lair and lock her in a cell. The thugs sit down and play a game of cards. She distracts them by throwing something from her utility belt, and they go to check the noise, she then pulls a lock pick from the heel of her shoe and starts to pick the lock, she finally gets it when her captors come back and continue playing their card game, one of the thugs fold and goes to check on Batgirl, he notices the lock is unlocked and she kicks the cell door open knocking him down, the other thugs rush in and attack, she makes short work of them, when Wayne Brenen comes in and pulls out a raygun and fires, she collapses to the ground, weak and convulsing. Dr. Brenen orders his thugs to tie her up, they put her on a table leaning against the cell, with her arms over her head and her legs frog tied as she hangs there helpless. Dr. Brenen starts to punish this poor heroine by having his men tickle her, then he gives them the Hitachi magic wand and has them hold her down while they rub it on her pussy, making her scream in pleasure and humiliation as she cums again and again. Wayne Brenen decides it’s time to reward his thugs, so as he leaves, he tells them they can have their way with her, they argue over who gets to fuck her first, but Torro wins and fucks her till he cums all over her. *Explicit Sexual Content



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Batgirl and Wonder Woman Meet Solomon Grundy

Olive, Starli, Rock, Jack and Trixi Gunns

Batgirl and Wonder Woman just took care of Solomon Grundy, and he is laying to rest in the hospital. A man shows up to id him and reveals himself as Dr. Wayne Brenen, evil mastermind. Brenen resurrects Grundy and tells him it is time for revenge. Batgirl and Wonder Woman are sitting at Batgirls house relaxing after their fight when they hear “Born On A Monday” from outside, they jump up to see Brenen and Grundy standing before them. Brenen orders Grundy to attack and he fights Wonder Woman leaving Brenen to fight Batgirl, they take care of the two easily and Brenen ties Wonder Woman up with her rope and has her suck his dick, then has Grundy make Batgirl join in. Both heroines suck his dick, taking turns and sometimes both sucking it, until he has had enough and has Grundy hold Wonder Woman while he fucks Batgirl, after fucking Batgirl he fucks Wonder Woman, but Grundy wants some action and starts to fuck Batgirl. After Brenen cums inside Wonder Woman, he orders Grundy to stop and says that they will be his new sex slaves. *Explicit Sexual Content


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Super Girl Meets Dr. Wayne Brenen

Super Girl Meets Dr. Wayne Brenen
Featuring Rilynn Rae, Rock and Brock – Dr. Wayne Brenen, evil genius, has constructed a new doomsday device, this more powerful than anything he has ever done. A helmet, disguised as a virtual reality simulator, but really is a mind control device, specially calibrated with kryptonite, strong enough to take control over any person born under the red sun. Dr. Brenen calls young journalist Miss Kara Kent, who he believes is Super Girl, in for an exclusive interview. After convincing her to try it on, he activates it and now has Super Girl completely under his control. Now the only thing left before her mission of destruction is a kryptonian blow job and some super fucking! *Explicit Sexual Content



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Wondergirl Meets The Supervixens

starring Olive, Jizzabelle, Ashlee, Kyle, Rock

 Wondergirl is attacked at an office where she stopped by to make sure everything was safe as she was asked to keep an eye on things while the owner was away. The Supervixens have been following her for days and now was their chance. After a long hard struggle the finally get the best of Wondergirl and she then finds her self back at their lair. They both decide she needs a good ass kicking and they give it to her. After a while they chain her up and take their special vibrator to her, then remove her clothing using a special sonic weapon they purchased for just such an occasion and force her into pleasure. The Supervixens decide maybe a little slap and tickle might be fun for a while. As our villain Dr. Wayne Brennen enters to pay the Supervixens for kidnapping her, she escapes and starts to kick the Supervixens ass. When Dr. Wayne Brennen pulls out his ray gun, Wondergirl is no match for him or his invention. He pays the Supervixens and takes Wondergirl back to experiment on her at his secret lab.