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Wonder Woman VS Dollface: The Wager


Starring Tegan Mohr, Victoria Verve and Brock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Reporter Sally Smith is at home working on her next story when she gets a call from an anonymous person offering her an exclusive interview with the villain Dollface, Sally quickly packs up her stuff and rushes to the scene. At the abandoned warehouse, there is not a soul in sight, she yells hello over and over when Dollface jumps out of nowhere and attacks her.

She wakes up bound and gagged with Dollface standing over her taking pictures, he says that he has posted the picture on a popular social networking site and directed it toward Wonder Woman, and she is sure to fall into his trap, but in the meantime, he figures he should have some fun with Sally and rips her nylons open and tickles her feet until she can’t take it anymore.

At home, Wonder Woman gets the message and rushes to save Sally, she arrives at the warehouse to find no Dollface, but an open cell with a weak and bound Sally Smith inside, she rushes in and rips off the ropes holding her, when her bracers start to pull back, she doesn’t know why they are doing it, and fights the magnetic pull dragging her to the cell door. As soon as her bracers touch the magnetic bars, she is trapped, and Dollface enters the room and pulls her down.

He tells her that he wants to play a game, she has 25 minutes to defeat him or he will destroy Miss Smith, Wonder Woman throws her up in a fight stance and rushes at him. She puts all of her strength and skill into fighting Dollface, but eventually loses, and he binds her bracers together, he starts by feeling her wonderful body, then as she starts to wake up, he decides he should torture her a bit by tickling her.

Dollface then grabs a Hitachi and starts to rub it on her pussy, faster and harder until she has a super orgasm. Dollface then decides it’s time for him to get his, he pulls out his cock and fucks the bound heroine until he cums all over her chest, he further humiliates her by rubbing his cum on her face. This pisses Wonder Woman off and she fights with all of her might to get him off of her, then breaks open the cell door and escapes with Sally Smith with seconds to spare.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, Bondage, Damsel In Distress, Struggling, Tickling, Foot Tickling, Pantyhose Ripping, Fighting, Heroine’s Defeat, Forced Orgasm, Fucking, Bondage Fucking, Cumshots, A Very Happy Ending

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Revenge of DollFace

Starring Alisha Adams, Brock

Jadia was called by L.O.G the League Of Good to stop the evil Benny Ramone, she disfigured him during their last encounter when Benny treid to throw acid on Jadia and she instead tosses it on Benny and he was sent to the hospital for treatment before going to prison. While at the hospital Benny knocks out the guard and escapes. He recalls hearing about an invention that may just help in his plan. He contacts Dr. Mortimer Ryobi about a time stop device and sets up a meeting. He has vowed to take revenge on Jadia for what she has done to him. Jadia finds out where Benny’s hideout is and shows up to send him back to prison. When she gets there he now has to hide his face and changes his name to DollFace. Jadia try to over power DollFace but he activates the time stop device and then has his way with her. He starts by stripping her, then he poses her timestopped body, playing with her. He then lays her down and hog ties her, then brings her back, she struggles against the ropes, but he pulls her up on her knees and timestops her again, sliding his dick into her frozen mouth, then he unstops time and tosses her down and starts to untie her legs, and puts a ball gag in her mouth, he fucks her doggy style on the couch, but she struggles too much, so he timestops her again and fucks her till he cums all over her, then he unstops time and has her get on her knees and suck his cock some more!