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Deathstroke Makes Erik’s Angels Cum

Starring Loni Legend, Milcah Halili, and Miles

Erik’s Angels: two sexy, highly trained assassins sent by Erik around the world to carry out dangerous missions. This time, the Angels were sent to seek out Deathstroke. They find his secret lair and attack him, but he strikes with dangerous precision and takes the girls down.

Now that Deathstroke has the Angels in his control, he ties them down and decides to have some fun with them as he interrogates them. In order to do this, he chooses a powerful vibrator to match his verbal audacity. He rubs it all over both girls’ pussies, forcing them to several vigorous orgasms.


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*This is from the movie “Deathstroke Meets Erik’s Angels”

Wonder Woman Forced Orgasm

Starring Tellula Rose and Miles

Wonder Woman is bound with her own rope and using the hitatchi, Deathstroke punishes her pussy. She tries to resist but the powerful vibrations give her a mind-blowing orgasm.


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*This is from the movie “Deathstroke’s Secret Hideout”

Deathstroke’s Secret Hideout


Starring Tellula Rose and Miles

Directed by Alex Dorian

Wonder Woman has gotten a lead on Deathstroke’s secret hideout. She sneaks through the massive building, until she finds him, counting his dirty money. Wonder Woman tells him his time is up, but he won’t go down with a fight!

He draws his side arm and fires, she deflects every shot with her bracers, so he pulls out his sword and attacks, but the heroine deflects each blow as well and gets him up against the wall. Even with the upper hand, Wonder Woman is still outmatched by the worlds greatest tactician, who is smarter, faster and stronger, he gets her on the bed and beats her until she can’t fight anymore.

He binds her hands together with her own rope, then grabs a hitachi and starts to rub it on her pussy waking her up. She tries to resist the powerful vibrations, but eventually succumbs to its mind blowing power, orgasming very hard. Deathstroke, however, is not finished.

He climbs up on top of her and forces his cock into her mouth, then sits her up on her knees and fucks her face. He then lays her down and fucks her hard and fast in numerous positions, making her squeal and moan in ecstasy until he cums.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroine, Sneaking, Fighting, Super Villain, Costumes, SFX, Bondage, Forced Orgasm, Disheveling, Blow Job, Fucking

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Shady Deal


Starring Dee Dee Lynn, Willow Hayes, Athena and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Batgirl and Robin are on the hunt, they’ve heard about a deal going down between Dethstroke and Catwoman, a powerful laser for a lot of stolen money. They follow their lead to an old warehouse and stalk through till the find the fiends in the middle of the exchange.

The heroines jump into action, Batgirl fighting Dethstroke and Robin against Catwoman, Batgirl is kicking ass, but Robin gets taken by Catwoman, who threatens her with the laser if Batgirl doesn’t submit.

With no choice, Batgirl does what they say, and they tie the girls up, Batgirl to a winch with her arms over her head and Robin to a post. The two villains take their time humiliating their catch. Catwoman makes Robin worship her boots while Dethstroke beats on Batgirl.

Dethstroke takes Batgirl down and lays her on a mattress where he has her suck his dick, then lays her down and fucks her tight superheroine pussy, he flips her over to doggy style, then in cowgirl.

He trades the girls, tying Batgirl up, then fucking Robin, starting with a blow job, then moves to pounding her, then ends with a blow job till he cums!

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, Villains, Fighting, AOH, Costumes, Boot Worship, Mistress, Belly Punching, Beating, Nudity, Blow Job, Fucking, Bondage

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