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Batgirl and Robin: All Bound Up


Starring Lily LaBeau, Mona Wales, and Rock

Batgirl and Robin have been captured by an evil villain known as Black Mask. He has taken them to his lair and bound them with rope so that they are back to back in chairs. They struggle and moan against the rope as their captor enters the room to take a good look at them. He beings to fondle them, grabbing their tits and sliding his hand down their thighs. They continue to moan as he pulls off Batgirl’s gag.

He begins by removing their boots and then socks, one girl at a time, and tickling their feet. They each scream and moan and laugh, telling him to stop. But he doesn’t. He tickles them until he is tired and ready to move on. Frustrated and scared, the girls yell at him. He disgusts them. He’s sick. But this is his hobby. He loves to capture Superheroines. Then he pulls out a big, powerful vibrator and starts to use it on Batgirl, she protests, asking him what it is.

Black Mask slides the vibrator up Batgirl’s thighs and touches it on her pussy. She immediately starts shaking, screaming no and tell him to stop, but she moans and grinds her hips as her entire body shakes. She has a brilliant idea and kicks the villain in the head. He falls to the ground for long enough for the two Superheroines to struggle free of the ropes.

Now it’s his turn. They strap him to the chair and pull out his cock. Batgirl sucks on it while Robin climbs up on the chair and presses her pussy into Black Mask’s face. He hungrily licks at her clit as Batgirl sucks his dick. Then the girls switch, Robin fucks him while Batgirl rubs her pussy in his face. Then Robin starts to get creative and uses the vibrator on his balls, and then lays on her back with her feet in the air and wraps her feet around his dick.

Robin presses the soles of her feet around his cock and slides them up and down until he cums all over. Not quite finished, the girls continue to dominate him, Batgirl rubbing her tits and ass in his face and Robin sticking her cum-covered toes in his mouth while she uses the vibrator on his now-flaccid dick.

Triumphant, the two Superheroines share a victory kiss over the bound villain.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroine, Super Villain, Foot Fetish, Boot Removal, Boot Socks, Sock Removal, Foot Tickling, Sock Sniffing, Tickling, Bondage, Rope, Vibrator, Forced Orgasms, Blow Jobs, Ball Sucking, Threesomes, Kissing, Pussy Eating, Foot Jobs, Foot Licking, Post Cum Torture, Feminine Domination.


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Lasso of Truth


Starring Victoria Verve and Miles

Directed by Alex Dorian

Wonder Woman and Miles, one of Black Mask’s thugs, are deep in battle. They exchange kicks and punches to the stomach and face. But Miles’ efforts are no match in the end for Wonder Woman’s awesome power.

Wonder Woman ties Miles up with her Lasso of Truth and begins to interrogate him. The magical powers of the lasso compel Miles to tell the truth, causing him to reveal Black Mask’s plans to conquer the world and make Wonder Woman his personal slave.

Wonder Woman decides to show Miles and Black Mask who’s really in charge by giving the thug a little punishment. He’s bound by rope as Wonder Woman slaps him, beats him, and spanks him on her lap like a little boy.

She decides to step things up a bit. She whips out her tits and has Miles licking and sucking. She motorboats Miles so he has nothing else to see.

Wonder Woman decides her boots need a shine, having him lick and worship them up and down, from the heel to the leg. They’re looking shiny at this point as she has her sharp heels digging into his chest, and all Miles can do is tilt his head down enough to give a good lick shine.

As soon as Wonder Woman feels her boots are clean enough, she lassos Miles around the neck like a leash. She walks him like a out the room, enjoying her new pet.

Fetish Elements: Superheroine, Female Domination, Fighting, Interrogation, Dominant Women, Boot Worship, Ass Worship, Boob Worship, Nipple Sucking, Boot Licking, Slave, Rope, Leash

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Black Mask: Oral Violator


Starring Willow Hayes, Athena and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Black Mask and his henchwoman are hanging out in his penthouse when he goes to the vending machine for a snack.

While out in the hall, he finds Willow, an aspiring superheroine sneaking around. He ties her up and gags her and takes her into his room.

His henchwoman and him try to figure what to do with her, and decide he should fuck her face. They put her on her knees and take out the gag and he forces his cock down her throat and face fucks her.

He slides his cock in and out of her mouth, then they lift her up and bring her to the couch and pull out a hitachi and starts to rub it on her pussy, making her writhe and shake in ecstasy until she cums.

Black Mask gets down on the ground and starts to lick Willows sensitive pussy, making her still shiver and writhe, making her cum again and again.

Rock gets back up and pulls his cock out again and slides his cock into her mouth and fucks her face again until he cums all over her face

Fetish Elements: Superheroine, Explicit Sexual Content, Fondling, Stripping, Nudity, Gags, Forced Orgasm, Bondage, Facial, Pussy Licking, Blow Job, Pornstars

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Robin VS The Triad Of Evil


Olive, Maxwell Bhear, Miles and Brock

Dethstroke, Black Mask and Bane are having a secret meeting at Black Masks penthouse, they are discussing the formation of a new super squad of evil. Hidden in the closet, Robin contacts Batman with her communicator, telling him what she has found out, but Dethstroke hears her voice and grabs her out and throws her into the center of the evil triangle. Robin quickly attacks, but no matter who she punches or how hard, another highly skilled villain is behind her. After defeating her, they tie her wrists together and Black Mask tells her their plans of unmasking her and exposing her secret identity to the world, unless she will do what they want…she reluctantly agrees, and Bane and Black Mask pulls their cocks out, Robin tries to get away, but they remind her that her secret identity is at stake, so she sucks both of their cocks. They drag her up to the couch and take turns fucking her mouth, then switch from fucking her pussy and her mouth until they cum inside and on her.With both villains finished, Robin tries to get up and leave, but Black Mask reminds her that Dethstroke hasn’t had any fun, and he happens to be an expert tickler. She begs no, but the trio hold her down and tickle her until she breaks free of her rope and gets them off of her. They hold onto her and punch her in the belly and beat on her. Bane then picks her up and snaps her on his knee, and torments her further by putting her over his knee and spanking her while she flails and wails. Then they hold her down on her knees and Black Mask takes her mask off, while she fights him off of her and begs him to stop. Under the mask is Dixie Grayson, Bruce Waynes ward, so they decide it’s time they visit Mr. Wayne, and drag Robin with her for collateral. *Explicit Sexual Content


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Batgirl Meets Black Mask

Alana Rains and Rock – Batgirl has gotten a lead on Black Mask, and enters his penthouse apartment telling him that he’ll be going away for a long time, when Black Mask reveals that he has done some research of his own, and knows that she is Barbara Gordon, Batgirl quickly attacks him but ends up being overpowered by Black Mask. He takes her to a warehouse on the other side of town and ties her to a chair, he pulls out a feather and starts tickling her all over, on her feet and chest and inside of her legs, demanding she tell him where the Bat Cave is, Barbra refuses to tell, so Black Mask is forced to use his new torture device: The Power Glove, when it touches you it sends electricity through your body. He interrogates her further while shocking her. Batgirl refuses to talk, so Black Mask moves on to a nicer torture, He pulls out an Hitachi Magic Wand and starts rubbing her pussy till she cums hard. Black Mask has given up on getting any information from her, so he decides to have a little fun, shoving his cock down her throat then flipping her over and fucking her till he cums in her mouth and on her face.



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