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Tickle Compilation 8


Ashley Lane, Casey Calvert, Darcie Belle, Emma Evins, Katarina Kay, Odette Delacroix, Pepper Kester, Willow, Zoey Foxx – This is a compilation of tickle scenes from:

Rise of the Tachyon Gang featuring Odette Delacroix, Pepper Kester, and Willow
Submission of Wonder Woman featuring Casey Calvert
Somewhat Simple Plan featuring Ashley Lane and Darcie Belle
On The Straight and Narrow featuring Katarina Kay and Zoey Foxx
To Catch A Thief featuring Emma Evins
Bane’s Big Pay Day featuring Casey Calvert
Supergirl Meets Duff Man featuring Odette Delacroix
Domination of Powergirl featuring Katarina Kay


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Power Allie

Allie James and Bradley Remington – Power Twin Allie has escaped her captors, and has a vendetta to avenge her sister. This time, she decides to wear a mask, since the people who are after her think she is out of the picture. She hunts down Brad, an infamous hit man bookie, and sneaks into his penthouse. She throws a smoke bomb and attacks him, she kicks his ass and straddles him demanding he tell her who hired the hit men that attacked her and her sister, he tells her that Wayne Brenen ordered the hit, then she takes off her mask and he quickly grabs a box and hits her over the head putting her out, he then grabs some rope and ties her wrists together, then he sits her up and grabs a Hitachi and rubs it on her pussy till she wakes up, and continues rubbing her pussy till she has a screaming orgasm. Then he pulls out his cock and has her suck it, she refuses but he gets it in and starts fucking her face, then he strips her and throws her to the bed and fucks her till he cums all over her. *Explicit Sexual Content


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The Power Twins

Allie James, Leilani, Rock and Brock Two villains have captured the Power Twin Leilani, a super heroine in training. The villains have tied her up and start tickling her feet with a feather, interrogating her to where the Power Twins base is. Just then, Allie, the senior of the Twins, jumps in to save her sidekick. A fight pursues between her and the villains, she may be outnumbered, but she fights with a ferocity and vengeance unexpected by the thugs. Eventually they overcome her and strip her, then tie her wrists and ankles. Once she awakes, they start tickling Allies feet with a feather until she can’t take it any longer. One thug goes to Leilani and starts to play with her, exposing his cock to her. Allie fights against her bonds to try to protect her sidekick, but the other thug quickly shuts her up. The thug strips Leilani and has her suck his cock, then he goes to fuck her and she moans in pleasure, knowing its not right. Allie wakes up and is appalled by what she see’s, so she offers her mouth to the villain if they would let Leilani go. The thugs agree and Allie gives him a blow job he is unlikely to forget. And as they promised they let Leilani go, keeping Allie for round 2, 3,4 and 5. *Explicit Sexual Content


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