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Spiderman vs The Jewel Theives

Olive, Rock and Kyle

Olive and Kyle are jewel thieves, and they hit the motherload, when Spiderman comes to put a stop to it, Olive karate chops his web shooters then tells Kyle to get him, Spiderman quickly defeats Kyle and Olive is not ready to go down without a fight, so she fights Spiderman with all her strength while he teases her, jumping around, dodging her hits. He finally finishes her, and drags her to the center of the room and unmasks the sleeping villainess and realizes how beautiful she is, he leans down to kiss her, then overwhelmed by his horniness, he strips her and starts to fuck her until she wakes up and struggles against him, but he keeps pounding her until he cums all over her chest, then he suits up and leaves.




Doll Face: The Tickle Torturer – Claire and Newt Guyavitch – Peril Girl is captured by Doll Face, the evil mobster with an obsession for torture! He drags her into his dungeon bound and unties her then puts her on the winch and raises her with her arms over her head, while playing with her body he finds out that she is ticklish, starts to tickle her with a feather. He then starts punching her in the belly. Then he lowers her and handcuff and ties her to a chair where he strips her fully and continues tickling her till she can’t take it anymore, so he leaves her in the chair and turns out the lights

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