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Stargirl Zapgasm

Starring Katarina Kay, Miles, and Rock

Stargirl has been captured by Bane and Batman. They have confiscated her cosmic rod and thrown her on the bed. Then he points the rod at her and commands her to cum, shooting a powerful orgasm beam at her, she starts to instantly cum, overwhelmed with wave after wave of numbing orgasms.


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*This is from the movie “Stargirl’s Cosmic Rod”

Stargirl’s Cosmic Rod


Starring Katarina Kay, Rock and Miles

Directed by Alex Dorian

Stargirl and Batman have teamed up to take down Bane, He tries to show them how tough and powerful he is, but Stargirl zaps him with her cosmic rod, and he realizes that he needs to up his game and get that staff!

He wrestles her for it, zapping Batman in the process, but powerful rod or not, Stargirl isn’t as strong as Bane, and he ends up taking the rod from her. He zaps Batman again, who starts shaking on the ground, he orders him to stand, and like a mindless zombie he does, Bane has taken control of the hero.

He orders him to put Stargirl on the bed, then he points the rod at her and commands her to cum, shooting a powerful orgasm beam at her, she starts to instantly cum, overwhelmed with wave after wave of numbing orgasms.

He orders her to play with her tits, then Batman suggests she suck their cocks, Bane uses the rod to get her on her knees, then she sucks both of their cocks till they cum!

Fetish Elements: Superheroine, Explicit Sexual Content, Mind Fuck, Control, Villain, Fighting, Forced Orgasm, Cumming, Masturbation, Blow Job, Nudity

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Batman Couldn’t See It Cumming


Starring Dee Dee Lynn and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Poison Ivy is wanted, escaped from arkham, Batman chases her down and captures her, but now he has to take her back to Gotham for her trial.

Halfway there, they stop at a hotel for the night, Poison Ivy keeps complaining about her handcuffs, so Batman un does them then goes to nap.

While he is napping, Poison Ivy creeps toward him and takes his cock out and starts to stroke it, he wakes up and demands to know what she’s doing, so she blows a magic powder into his face, making him her slave.

She orders him to clean and worship her boots, he licks and kisses her boots while she rubs her nipples, then she has him sit down on the couch while she strokes his cock, forcing him to cum!

Fetish Elements: Superheroine, Super Villainess, Handcuffs, Costumes, Sleepy Hand Job, Mind Fuck, Boot Worship, Boot Domination, Boot Cleaning, Boot Fetish, Mistress, Fem Domme, Submissive, Submissive Male, Handjob, Forced Orgasm, JOI

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Alien Batman


Starring Ashlyn Molloy and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Batman and Batgirl have been called in to look into something that has fallen from space into an apartment in Gotham. They get to the scene and investigate. A small object is on the floor, shooting small sparks of electricity.

Batman leans in to touch it and there is a massive static explosion which shoots him across the room. Batgirl rushes to him, but something is different. He stands and picks up the object and starts to leave. Sensing a change in her mentor, she tries to stop him, only to find he is aggressive, pushing her up against a wall and kneeing her in the stomach multiple times with a as strong as Superman. It is apparent to the young heroine that Batman has become possessed by a powerful alien entity, set on taking over Gotham, maybe the world.

Batgirl rushes into action trying to defeat him, but is quickly overtaken. The Batthing looks down at the defeated heroine and decides to learn more about the human species by testing the most basic of primal needs: fucking.

He pulls from it’s belt a powerful vibrator, which it puts on Batgirls pussy, bringing her to multiple and powerful orgasms, then it takes out its cock and feeds it to the weaker still heroine. After fucking her face, Batman goes to fuck her pussy, pounding Batgirls pussy hard and fast in several positions across the room, until it cums, transferring its evil alien seed into Batgirl!

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, Alien Assimilation, Possession, Super Heroes, Beating, Fighting, Beatdown, Disheveling, Forced Orgasm, Nudity, Forced Blow Job, Fucking. Porn Stars

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Batman & Batgirl Meet Miss Neuro


Starring Penny Pax, Willow and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Batman and Batgirl are on the hunt for Mistress Neuro, an evil villainess with the ability to tamper with the mind.

They find her and Batman demands she turn herself in, But Miss Neuro just laughs and brain blasts both the heroes, knocking them down, convulsing while their minds are put through agonizing pain.

Miss Neuro touches Batmans temples and takes control of him, and orders him to hold Batgirl against a wall and beat on her. Batgirl pleads with him to fight, but he is too deeply under the villainess’s control.

She orders him to throw her to the bed and strip her, and she asks Batgirl if she has ever fucked Batman, Batgirl responds in disgust, telling her how much of a mentor and role model he is.

Miss Neuro orders her slave to fuck poor little Batgirl. Batman pulls out his cock and shoves it into her mouth, then flips her over and slides his cock deep into her pussy and fucks her hard and deep, making her scream and squirm. Miss Neuro sits down in front of Batgirl and forces her head down to lick her pussy.

Once her pussy is thoroughly primed, she orders Batman to tie Batgirl up and to make his partner watch as he fucks their captor.

Batman lays Miss Neuro down and starts to fuck his new owner, making her squeal in ecstasy. Batgirl tries to get away, but she can’t escape from the ropes and is forced to watch her mentor fuck this evil villainess.

Batman makes Miss Neuro orgasm, then fucks her hard and fast until he cums

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, Mind Fuck, Belly Punching, Fucking, Taboo, Blow Job, Forced Pussy Licking, Lesbian, Cuckolding, Mistress, Bondage

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