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Wonder Woman VS Cheetah


Starring Tiffany Fox, Willow and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Cheetah and her thug are robbing someone’s house, Cheetah orders her thugs to search through everything and take anything of value

Wonder Woman bursts into the room, catching them in the act, Cheetah orders her thug to attack, and he rushes at her. the two throw punches, hitting each other to no effect, but Wonder Woman leaves herself open and Cheetah attacks, Wonder Woman struggles against the two, but eventually takes care of them. But the thug grabs a KL rag and puts it over her mouth and Wonder Woman goes down.

Cheetah orders her thug to strip her of her corset and tie her hands together with her own lasso, they then slap Wonder Woman awake, Cheetah orders her thug to grab the Hitachi, and Cheetah starts to lick and caress Wonder Woman’s body until she gets the vibrator. Cheetah rubs the Hitachi head on Wonder Woman’s pussy, making her squeal in pleasure. Then Cheetah starts to lick her nipples while her thug vibrates Wonder Woman to an orgasm.

Cheetah then orders her thug to grab her strap-on, she puts it on and slides the cock into Wonder Woman’s pussy and starts to pound her hard and deep, her thug takes out his cock and fucks her face to shut her up.

They fuck her doggy style, then stand her up and fuck her standing, until the thug cums all over Wonder Woman’s face!

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Bat-Team Timestop


Starring Tegan Mohr, Victoria Verve and Brock

Batman has a new set of side-kicks, he is training Batgirl and Robin to be ready for anything.

He starts by having them attack him, but deflects all their strikes and disables them. He tells them to better work as a team, they need to know their partners strengths as well as weaknesses, and has them fight each other. Batgirl and Robin fight each other, exchanging hits back and forth, but Robin gets Batgirl up against the wall and punches her in the belly and wins the fight. Batman congratulates Robin and tells the girls that they need to kiss to make up, and puts their heads together and they make out.

He then explains that they might come across enemies with superior technology and activates his timestop device on his belt. The girls freezes where they stand, and Batman poses them touching each other, then restarts them. Both girls are upset that they can not fight the timestop, and are completely helpless, they beg Batman to let them try again, so Batman timestops them again and they freeze again. He pulls their tops down and starts to suck on their nipples, then poses them again and brings them back, this time for a shorter time, then stops time again.

He strips them more, and uses Batgirl,s frozen hand to jack him off, then rips Robin’s pantyhose open and starts to fuck her, till he cums all over her!

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She-Ra and Supergirl’s Training

Veronica Radke, Alisha Adams, Allie James, Bradley Remington and Rex – There is a crook causing all types of mayhem, and Batman, Robin and Supergirl are having trouble capturing him. The four of them fight, but the heros just can’t get him down, then She-Ra comes to help, and is doing well fighting the villain when Supergirl rushes at him in a jealous rage and pushes She-Ra aside, She-Ra gets up and her and Supergirl start wrestling each other, trying to be the better heroine and take down the bad guy, but the crook just slams them against the wall putting them out, he then takes care of everyone else and turns his wicked eyes toward the sexy Robin, he grabs her by the head and has her suck his cock, she tells him she can’t, but he makes her, he lays her down to fuck her, and she still says she can’t but he takes her anyway and she starts to enjoy it, once he has finished with her he hits her and moves on to Supergirl who is still out, he strips her and starts to fuck her until he cums all over her body. Batman wakes up and sneaks up behind him and finally gets him, then he goes to wake up the other heroines. She-Ra instantly attacks Supergirl saying that none of this would have happened if she had not gotten in her way. Batman suggests that the two train together, but they won’t have it, they decide they need to decide who the better warrior is, so they go back to She-Ras house and start by basic strength tests which quickly turns into fighting, She-Ra suggests a new test, the first to cum is the weaker warrior, so they start making out and stripping each other, and then they start eating each others pussies. Both determined to win they lick the others pussy with a vengeance, but She-Ra ends up wing, bringing Supergirl to a super-orgasm, to celebrate, She-Ra straps on a dildo and fucks Supergirl, then orders her to fuck her, bringing her to a massive orgasm. They then lay down together kissing, planning their next test of strength.



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Supergirl and Catwoman get Timestopped

Allie James, Trixxi Gunns, Rock and Brock – Supergirl is sitting at her house, admiring her costume when Catwoman comes in and throws a kryptonite flash bang pellet that weakens Supergirl and tells her that she will reprogram her brain to do evil, but she is still a heroine, so she fights the evil. Two timestopping perverts, Rock and Brock, are hiding in her closet, they see the fight break out and decide to stop time, they step into the room and test them out, swinging their frozen arms at each other like superheroine action figures, after some fun posing them, they sneak back into the closet and restart time. The girls keep on fighting, not realizing what happened. They keep fighting till Catwoman ends up on top, and she orders her to worship her boots, Supergirl refuses, so Catwoman grabs her and makes her kiss her boots. Rock and Brock see this and stop time, they come out and switch the girls so Catwoman is kissing Supergirls boots. They restart time again and Supergirl rushes at Catwoman again, they roll around wrestling.The guys stop time again and come out and undress them slowly, they fondle Catwoman and each fuck Supergirls tight Super pussy and cum inside of her and on her stomach. After they are finished they set them up in a 69 position and restart time. The girls start to suspect something and hear them moving in the closet, the girls sneak up and pull them out of the closet and Supergirl punches Rock in the face just as Brock stops time. They set them up in a sexy pose and leave them frozen, planning on restarting once they are far away


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Batgirl vs Catwoman

Tegan Mohr, Olive, Rock and Jack – Catwoman and a couple of her thugs have broken into a house and are stealing everything of value, but Batgirl comes in to save the day, she atarts by kicking the thugs asses, but when Catwoman walks up and gives her the quivering palm attack, Batgirl finds herself paralyzed on the floor. The thugs pick her up and place her on the bed while Catwoman puts on a strap-on and fucks Batgirl like the slut she is. After a good fucking, Rock her henchman comes up and slides his dick in Batgirls mouth until him and Catwoman switch, Catwoman riding Batgirls face and Rock fucking her until he cums all over her face! *Explicit Sexual Content



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