Batgirl Serves Bane


Starring Willow Hayes and Miles

Directed by Alex Dorian

Bane and Batgirl get into a fight. Bane is too tough to handle, and serves Batgirl one good. He decides it’s time that Batgirl serves him a little something extra.

He forces her down onto the couch and fondles her sexy body, revealing her super tits and puss puss, he pulls out his cock and makes her stroke it, she resists so he fucks her face until she gets the picture and strokes him better.

He fucks her face some more and fingers her pussy hard, switching back and forth between the hand job and blow job. He grabs a hitachi and beats her across the face with it, then rubs it on her pussy grinding it hard until she cums.

He then face fucks her, bouncing her head off of his belt buckle till he fills her mouth with his evil cum

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, Fighting, Beat Down, Hand Jobs, Blow Jobs, Villain, Forced Orgasm, Domination

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