Orgasm Inquisition

Starring Loni Legend and Willow

Willow is out for vengeance! After being captured by an evil villain and tormented to no end, she has decided to become the superheroine they all insist she is: Lazarus Girl. Using her special power of healing, she plans on getting the answers she deserves.

She hunts down a major player from the evil supervillain organization that captured her, she uses a sleepy time rag on her to capture her and bring her back to her hideout. Once out, she strips her, then drags her off and seran wraps her to a table.

Once the villainess wakes, Willow begins her questioning, cutting holes in the plastic so she has access to her tits and pussy, then she attaches wires to her nipples and pussy and begins her questioning, shocking her every time she refuses to play.

Willow grabs a hitachi and starts to rub it on her prisoners pussy while simultaneously shocking her, then Willow gets a little jealous and straddles her face and makes her lick her pussy until she cums!


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Domination of Powergirl


Starring Darcie Belle and Ashley Lane.

Mistress Lane has captured Powergirl for her very own slave. She throws her to the ground and orders her to kiss her boots. Powegirl complies despite her whimpering and crying. She doesn’t want to lick the filth off her boots, but Mistress Lane is demanding and persistent.

She licks her boots for a while, but reaches a breaking point and can’t do it anymore. This does not make Mistress Lane very happy, so she decides to punish her for her insolence. She drags her over to the winch and straps her up to the ceiling by her wrists. Powergirl whimpers and sobs, terrified by what might happen to her. Now that she is strapped up to the winch, Mistress Lane pulls out Powergirl’s tits, licking her nipples and caressing her entire body, preparing her for what comes next.

Then she beats her into submission a little before she pulls out a massive vibrator with which to drain her powers one orgasms at a time. She turns it on and rubs it all over Powergirl’s pussy. At first she resists, but then she gives in to the pleasure. She moans and sways her hips into the head of the vibrator as Mistress Lane tortures her with pleasure.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Superheroine, Role Play, Costumes, Forced Orgasms, Fighting, Domination, Femme Dom, Boot Licking, Boot Worship, Boot Kissing, Bondage, Vibrator, Toys.


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Deathstroke Makes Erik’s Angels Cum

Starring Loni Legend, Milcah Halili, and Miles

Erik’s Angels: two sexy, highly trained assassins sent by Erik around the world to carry out dangerous missions. This time, the Angels were sent to seek out Deathstroke. They find his secret lair and attack him, but he strikes with dangerous precision and takes the girls down.

Now that Deathstroke has the Angels in his control, he ties them down and decides to have some fun with them as he interrogates them. In order to do this, he chooses a powerful vibrator to match his verbal audacity. He rubs it all over both girls’ pussies, forcing them to several vigorous orgasms.


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*This is from the movie “Deathstroke Meets Erik’s Angels”