Revenge Of The Timestopper


Starring Victoria Verve and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

The Timestopper is back!

After his run-in with Red Justice, he has decided to set his timestopping sights a little higher…Wonder Woman!

He timeshifts into her apartment, and Wonder Woman knows exactly who he is and won’t go down like Red Justice, she attacks him and kicks his ass, but The Timestopper stops time and poses the heroine, then restarts time.

She tries to fight his timestopping abilities but is no match.

He timestops her again and strips her of her top, then lays her down and handcuffs her hands together.

He starts to fuck her frozen pussy with a dildo, then shoves it deep inside of her and unfreezes her to watch the modest heroine freak out, then timestops her again.

He bends her over and fucks her pussy with the dildo doggie style, then on her side.

He stands her up and poses her, then unfreezes her, she see’s an opportunity to strike and hits him across the head, then rushes to the phone to call Superman for assistance.

Fetish Elements: Superheroine, Timestop, Freeze, Villains, Posing, Fighting, Catch & Release, Dildo, Dildo Fucking, Frozen Fucking

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The Horny Monster From Beyond


Starring Tegan Mohr

Directed by Alex Dorian

Tegan is just getting ready for bed, she starts to make her bed when an alien monster teleports into her room.

He chases her around the room and pins her up against the wall, she see’s his massive monster cock and collapses into his arms.

He tosses her onto the bed and shoves his cock into her pussy and starts to fuck her.

She starts to wake up as the beast fucks her harder and deeper, when she realizes what is happening, she starts to struggle and try to get away, but he keeps on fucking her.

He gets up and she tries to run, but he grabs her again and starts to fuck her from behind while standing, then flips her around and picks her up and fucks her some more, then he tosses her down onto the bed and fucks her doggie style, then makes her fuck him in cowgirl.

Then he throws her back onto the bed and fucks her tight pussy deep and hard until he has a massive monstergasm and chums deep inside of her

Fetish Elements: Monsters, Aliens, Fucking, Monster Fucking, Monster Cock, Nudity


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The Cat And The Canary


Starring Allie James, Willow, Rock, Alexander and Lucky

Directed by Alex Dorian

Black Canary is at home getting ready for her nightly patrol when three thugs rush in and start attacking her

Black Canary holds them off, but their numbers and strength quickly overpower her and she finds herself beaten on her knees being held up by two of the thugs as Catwoman walks into the room.

Seeing that puppet master has exposed herself, Black Canary lets out a deafening scream and the four villains collapse grabbing onto their ears. Black Canary rushes into action beating them senseless, but they tackle her and shove a bandana into her mouth to keep her from screaming.

They grab her and toss her on the bed and strip her a bit, Catwoman plugs in her Hitachi and teases Black Canary with it, then starts to rub it in her pussy.

Catwoman’s thug, Rock, asks if he can fuck her face, and Catwoman agrees, so Rock pulls out his cock and shoves it deep into her mouth

He fucks her face while Catwoman grinds her vibrator on Black Canary’s clit, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm, while Rock fucks her face until he cums all over her face.

Then Catwoman orders her thugs to drag her to the couch on her knees, Catwoman sits down and demands her to worship her boots while she brings herself to orgasm, then she decides to that’s it’s time to fuck, she tells Lucky to drag Black Canary to the bed and fuck her while she fucks her other thug.

Lucky fucks Black Canary’s face until he cums, while Catwoman vibrates her pussy as her thug fucks her hard and deep until he cums

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, Supervillains, Catfighting, Costumes, Blow Jobs, Forced Orgasm, Facials, Fucking, Boot Worship, Masturbation, Gagging

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Supergirl And The Golden Kryptonite


Starring Allie James, Willow, , Rock and Lucky

Directed by Alex Dorian

Supergirl has been captured by two thugs with kryptonite, she is dragged to the secret lair of Dr. K, mad scientist

He orders the thugs to strap her to the table, but she knocks the deadly green rock from their hand and starts to fight for her life

She kicks the thugs asses, but knocks one down next to the kryptonite, and he tosses it to his buddy and he beats the heroine down into submission.

They take her top off and cuff her to the slab, Dr. K tapes the kryptonite to her chest, then orders his thugs to punch her in the belly.

While beating on her, they discover that she is ticklish, so they start to torment her with tickling.

The mad doctor orders his nurse to put on his operation gloves and prepare the injection.

She loads a syringe with a gold liquid and hands it to him, Supergirl demands to know what it is, but the doctor silently injects it into her. She starts to shake and stir, and collapses weak.

She asks what it was he put in her, and he explains that it was a mind fucking serum, laced with gold kryptonite, the meteor that steals her powers, she cries out, and he orders his nurse to suck his dick while his thugs fuck Supergirl.

The three villains take turns fucking Supergirl’s pussy and mouth and also the nurse, until they all cum, then they drag her into the cell, they’re new person sex toy

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, Supergirl, Costumes, Fighting, Mind-Fuck, Belly Punching, Fighting, Blow Job, Tickling, Bondage, Super Villains, Pornstars, Mad Doctor, Nudity

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Robin Meets Dr. Wayne Brenen


Starring Victoria Verve and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Robin is looking to get in the big leagues, something huge that will earn her Batman’s respect

She decides to go after the infamous Dr. Wayne Brenen, robotics expert and black market weapons creator

She calls his office, pretending to be the secretary of a powerful client looking to buy his new Dibiltator Ray, she sets up a meeting place and time and goes there, ready to take him down!

Once at the meeting place, an abandoned hospital, she hides behind a curtain waiting for him to arrive. He walks in, briefcase in hand and Robin sees her chance to attack, she throws a flash bang grenade, which startles him, and she runs out and starts beating on him.

Brenen fights back, he is strong and fast, but Robin grabs a defibrillator paddle and shocks him, she beats him down onto the hospital bed, where his briefcase is, he grabs it and smacks her in the face with it, then pulls out the laser and fires.

Robin drops convulsing, Dr. Brenen explains that this is a new model, one the not only debilitates but also shoots nano-bots into the victim, which make their way to the brain and take control of the body.

He orders her to stand up and to take off her costume, she fights it, but her body moves on it’s own, stripping her.

He orders her to stop halfway, leaving her boots, mask utility belt and bracers on, then he orders her to lay down on the bed.

He grabs a machine nearby, and uses his knowledge of robotics to turn it into a fucking machine! He wheels it closer to her and slides the fake cock into her pussy and turns it on

The fucking machine pounds Robin’s tight pussy, making her cum again and again, he turns it up as Robin starts to be overcome by pleasure.

After he is done humiliating her with his machine, he orders her to take off her mask and reveal her secret identity. Robin fights and sobs while her arms move up to expose her secret.

Fetish Elements: Superheroines, Explicit Sexual Content, Fighting, Mind Fuck, Beat Down, Boob Shaking, Stripping, Zombie Walking, Fucking Machine, Forced Orgasm, Dildos, Nudity, Unmasking

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