Wonder Woman VS Cheetah


Starring Tiffany Fox, Willow and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Cheetah and her thug are robbing someone’s house, Cheetah orders her thugs to search through everything and take anything of value

Wonder Woman bursts into the room, catching them in the act, Cheetah orders her thug to attack, and he rushes at her. the two throw punches, hitting each other to no effect, but Wonder Woman leaves herself open and Cheetah attacks, Wonder Woman struggles against the two, but eventually takes care of them. But the thug grabs a KL rag and puts it over her mouth and Wonder Woman goes down.

Cheetah orders her thug to strip her of her corset and tie her hands together with her own lasso, they then slap Wonder Woman awake, Cheetah orders her thug to grab the Hitachi, and Cheetah starts to lick and caress Wonder Woman’s body until she gets the vibrator. Cheetah rubs the Hitachi head on Wonder Woman’s pussy, making her squeal in pleasure. Then Cheetah starts to lick her nipples while her thug vibrates Wonder Woman to an orgasm.

Cheetah then orders her thug to grab her strap-on, she puts it on and slides the cock into Wonder Woman’s pussy and starts to pound her hard and deep, her thug takes out his cock and fucks her face to shut her up.

They fuck her doggy style, then stand her up and fuck her standing, until the thug cums all over Wonder Woman’s face!

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, Pornstars, Super Villains, Fighting, Cat Fighting, Sleepy Time, Bondage, Forced Orgasm, Nipple Licking, Body Fondling, Lesbian, Female Domination, Strap-On Fucking, Blow Job, Facial

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Supergirl’s Costume Destruction


Starring Tiffany Fox, Willow and Alex Dorian

Directed by Alex Dorian

Supergirl has learned that the intergalactic sorceress Willow has something sinister planned, so she goes to her hide out to see what it is.

Willow explains to her that she has missiles aimed at every major city in the world, and unless she refuses to do her every bidding, she will launch them. Supergirl agrees, and Willow tells her to strip, Supergirl slowly strips her costume off, then Willow tells her to put it back on, then uses her powers to bind her in kryptonite laced handcuffs.

She explains that there never were any missiles, and that she just said that to get her under her control, and that she is filming her humiliation for her own personal pleasure.

Willow uses her powers and splits Supergirl’s costume right down the middle, then starts to pull it down, then she grabs some scissors and splits the costume in half. She beats on Willow, punching her in the belly and face, then she zaps her again, and Supergirl is bound spread eagle to the bed. Willow puts on a strap on and starts to pound Supergirl’s tight super pussy.

She fucks her hard and deep, and makes her cum and squirt, then Supergirl convinces her to let her go, so she can make it more fun. Willow agrees and uncuffs Supergirl. Supergirl stands, then starts rubbing her hands all over her sexy body, she then strips Willow then lays her down on the bed and licks and sucks Willow’s nipples, while rubbing her pussy till she cums!

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, Supergirl, Costumes, Costume Destruction, Ripping, Costume Cutting, Nudity, Belly Punching, Bondage, Lesbian, Strap-On Fucking, Kissing, Fondling, Fingering, Nipple Sucking

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The Evil Lair Of Madam Keel


Starring Victoria Verve, Viva, Willow and Torro Bravo

Directed by Alex Dorian

Inside of the evil lair of Madam Keel, she sits with her slave girl and her sword wielding spaniard henchman, Torro. Madam Keel explains how bored she is and orders her slave girl to dance. She stands and walks away from her mistress and starts to dance sexily, Torro goes up behind her and starts to grind his body on her.

Meanwhile, near the entrance, Madam Keel’s nemesis, Jane Justice, sneaks through. She heard that Madam Keel set up a new lair, and after shaking down a few thugs, managed to find it. Now she is here for the only thing in this world that is true: Justice.

She finds her way to where they are hiding, and jumps out. Madam Keel orders Torro to destroy her, he pulls out his sword and swings it toward her, but she disarms him, then he gets her to the ground and mercilessly whips her, until she is too weak to fight back.

They pull her top off, followed by her tights, leaving just the belt and tie her wrists to the cell. Both Torro and the slave girl fondle her body, then start to tickle her.

Madam Keel orders them to use a mind-fucking Hitachi to make Jane Justice her slave, Jane tries to fight them off, but Torro rubs the Hitachi on her pussy until she has a massive orgasm.

She is now under Madam Keel’s control.

She orders her untied, then has both her slaves kneel before her, she orders them to prove their adoration for her by worshipping her boots, then has her slaves undress her and bring her to orgasm.

Fetish Elements: Sexy Dancing, Superheroines, Costumes, Body Fondling, Whipping, Forced Orgasm, Bondage, AOH, Tickling, Fighting, s/M, BDSM, Boot Worship, Hot Naked Girls, Subservient Slaves

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Creature From The Lazarus Pit


Starring Lumin, Victoria Verve, Willow, Viva and Torro Bravo

Directed by Alex Dorian

Deep inside of Ra’s al Ghul’s hideout, Talia is practicing combat with a League member when her father comes up and tells her that he is leaving, but to be cautious, as he has heard that Batgirl and Robin are snooping around in the area.

As he exits his sanctuary, Batgirl and Robin find the entrance and sneak through the building, they here Ra’s’s footsteps and hide, Ra’s suspects something is wrong, so sets the alarm. After he leaves, Batgirl and Robin continue sneaking, but one of them accidentally trips the silent alarm. Talia and her henchwoman rush to see what is happening.

Batgirl and Robin find the Lazarus Pit, the mystical pool that fuels Ra’s al Ghul’s immortality, but just then, Talia and her henchwoman rush in and try to defeat the dynamic duo. Talia tosses something into the pit right as Batgirl grabs onto her. It’s an even fight between the highly skilled warriors and the equally skilled crime fighters, but a roar from the pit shakes the heroine’s very soul. The thing Talia threw into the pit was a lizard who grew into a hideous swamp monster at her command.

She orders the beast to take care of the bat and the bird, and they are no match to his superior speed and strength, he quickly defeats them and they drag the two girls to the dungeoun, where they take their costumes down and strap them up with their arms over their heads.

Talia then orders her henchwoman and beast to tickle the girls, they will learn not to tresspass. The girls struggle and fight against their binds as they are being tickled, overwhelmed in a laughing fit.

Then Talia orders them to cum, the henchwoman grabs a Hitachi and bring both girls to a massive orgasm, writhing and squirming from the powerful vibrations.

Fetish Elements: Superheroines, Forced Orgasm, Nudity, Monsters, Cat Suits, Fighting, Sneaking, AOH, Bondage, Suspension, Tickling, Tormenting, Body Views

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