Wonder Woman & Supergirl VS The Mad Doctor From Mars


Starring Rilynn Rae, Stormy and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Way up in space, on a martian space ship, The Mad Doctor teleports heroines Supergirl and Wonder Woman to his ship for experiments.

Wonder Woman and Supergirl rush into action, Supergirl grabs him from behind and Wonder Woman wraps her lasso of truth around him and demands he tells her who he is and why he has brought them there.

The Mad Doctor laughs and pushes the girls off of him, the girls jump up and start to fight him, but he is faster and stronger, and more technologically advanced, he pulls out a laser and aims it at the girl and fires a debilitating ray at them, and they drop.

The Doctor straps them to operating beds and pulls out his device “The Excrutiator” and waves it over the girls, putting them through tremendous pain, torturing them and testing how much they can handle.

He then decides its time to test their sensitive parts, and tickles both girls, making them laugh and squirm in their binds.

The Doctor decides that he has run enough tests and that it is time to breed, He starts by fucking Wonder Woman’s face, then unstraps her and starts to fuck her from behind, then flips her up onto the bed and fucks her till he cums all over her.

While the Mad Doctor fucks Wonder Woman, Supergirl slides her hand out of her bonds, and when he jumps on her to breed, she punches him in his martian face and the two girls escape!

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, Costumes, Aliens, Costumes, Bondage, Fighting, Struggling, Torture, Tickling, Blow Jobs, Pantyhose Ripping, Nudity, Fucking, Cumshots

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Devon Dauntless VS Mother Mayhem


Starring Rilynn Rae, Stormy and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

After Devon Dauntless’s defeat in her battle with Leech, Mother Mayhem, a sorceress with incredible power, had her minion go get her body so she can bring her back as her pet

The hideous creature obtained Devon’s body and brought it back to his mistress, where she used her magic powers to revive her.

Devon awakes confused, not knowing where she is or how she got there, but the woman standing over her tells her that everything will be ok, and that she is with mommy now.

Devon quickly realizes what is going on, and who the villainess before her is, she tells her that she knows who she is, to which, Mother Mayhem gets very angry and threatens to destroy her again, her monster growls, Devon realizes that she has to play their game to survive and escape.

Calmed down, Mother Mayhem tells them that she is going to make them some cookies, and to play nice while she is away. Devon see’s her opportunity and tries to get away, but the monster won’t let her move, so she grabs his treats and teases him with them, then the cheese-ball treat loving fiend lunges at her and grabs the bucket of treats, Devon attacks, punching the creature numerous times, but she is not at her full power, and the beast quickly turns the tables, pounding on her and kicking her.

In the kitchen, Mother Mayhem hears the ruckus and rushes in, using her magical powers to separate the two, she tells Devon that she needs to be punished and has her creature hold her down while she spanks her.

Devon still fights against the two, so Mother Mayhem realizes that the insolence needs to be fucked out of her, and the beast starts fucking Devon’s tight pussy, then her mouth until he cums.

Mother Mayhem then decides to use her magic powers to subdue Devon with a magical superheroine orgasm, she casts her pleasure beams straight into Devon’s pussy bringing her to a massive orgasm.

But the orgasm restored her super strength and she defeats the two of them and walks away

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, Mommy Talk, Costumes, Monsters, Magic, Forced Orgasm, Fucking, Blow Jobs, Fighting, Pornstars Spanking

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Wonder Woman VS Dollface: The Wager


Starring Tegan Mohr, Victoria Verve and Brock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Reporter Sally Smith is at home working on her next story when she gets a call from an anonymous person offering her an exclusive interview with the villain Dollface, Sally quickly packs up her stuff and rushes to the scene. At the abandoned warehouse, there is not a soul in sight, she yells hello over and over when Dollface jumps out of nowhere and attacks her.

She wakes up bound and gagged with Dollface standing over her taking pictures, he says that he has posted the picture on a popular social networking site and directed it toward Wonder Woman, and she is sure to fall into his trap, but in the meantime, he figures he should have some fun with Sally and rips her nylons open and tickles her feet until she can’t take it anymore.

At home, Wonder Woman gets the message and rushes to save Sally, she arrives at the warehouse to find no Dollface, but an open cell with a weak and bound Sally Smith inside, she rushes in and rips off the ropes holding her, when her bracers start to pull back, she doesn’t know why they are doing it, and fights the magnetic pull dragging her to the cell door. As soon as her bracers touch the magnetic bars, she is trapped, and Dollface enters the room and pulls her down.

He tells her that he wants to play a game, she has 25 minutes to defeat him or he will destroy Miss Smith, Wonder Woman throws her up in a fight stance and rushes at him. She puts all of her strength and skill into fighting Dollface, but eventually loses, and he binds her bracers together, he starts by feeling her wonderful body, then as she starts to wake up, he decides he should torture her a bit by tickling her.

Dollface then grabs a Hitachi and starts to rub it on her pussy, faster and harder until she has a super orgasm. Dollface then decides it’s time for him to get his, he pulls out his cock and fucks the bound heroine until he cums all over her chest, he further humiliates her by rubbing his cum on her face. This pisses Wonder Woman off and she fights with all of her might to get him off of her, then breaks open the cell door and escapes with Sally Smith with seconds to spare.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, Bondage, Damsel In Distress, Struggling, Tickling, Foot Tickling, Pantyhose Ripping, Fighting, Heroine’s Defeat, Forced Orgasm, Fucking, Bondage Fucking, Cumshots, A Very Happy Ending

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YellowJacket & PussyWhip


Starring Caprice Capone, Alexandria, Rock, Brock, Miles and David
Directed by Alex Dorian

Yellow Jacket is doing a positive ID on a supervillain at the hospital when she is attacked by a gorilla and a monster, they quickly defeat her and drag her off.

Yellow Jacket wakes on her knees in a familiar location, Pussy Whip’s hideout, and in front of her sits Pussy Whip, she reminds Yellow Jacket of what happened here a few years ago, Yellow Jacket defeated her and put her in prison, and now she is here for revenge, she orders one of her thugs to turn on a camera which is broadcasting to the world to humiliate the heroine

Pussy Whip orders Yellow Jacket to worship her boots, Yellow Jacket refuses, but is made to lick and kiss her boots. Then she orders her thugs to tie her up and tickle her, they torment her, tickling her all over her body and on her feet. Then Pussy Whip orders her thugs make the weak heroine cum, they grab a Hitachi and bring her to a massive orgasm.

Then she orders them to fuck her, one of Pussy Whip’s thugs ask her when they will get paid, she tells him that they won’t, ever, so he takes control and starts to fuck her face, while the gorilla and other thug fuck Yellow Jacket, then the thug starts to fuck Pussy Whip’s pussy, while the gorilla and other thug fuck Yellow Jacket till they cum!

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, Monsters, Costumes, Fem Domme, Boot Worship, Boot Licking, Tickling, Foot Tickling, Bondage, AOH, Forced Orgasm, Orgasms, Fucking, Monster Fucking, Blow Jobs, Cumshots

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