Bat-Team Timestop


Starring Tegan Mohr, Victoria Verve and Brock

Batman has a new set of side-kicks, he is training Batgirl and Robin to be ready for anything.

He starts by having them attack him, but deflects all their strikes and disables them. He tells them to better work as a team, they need to know their partners strengths as well as weaknesses, and has them fight each other. Batgirl and Robin fight each other, exchanging hits back and forth, but Robin gets Batgirl up against the wall and punches her in the belly and wins the fight. Batman congratulates Robin and tells the girls that they need to kiss to make up, and puts their heads together and they make out.

He then explains that they might come across enemies with superior technology and activates his timestop device on his belt. The girls freezes where they stand, and Batman poses them touching each other, then restarts them. Both girls are upset that they can not fight the timestop, and are completely helpless, they beg Batman to let them try again, so Batman timestops them again and they freeze again. He pulls their tops down and starts to suck on their nipples, then poses them again and brings them back, this time for a shorter time, then stops time again.

He strips them more, and uses Batgirl,s frozen hand to jack him off, then rips Robin’s pantyhose open and starts to fuck her, till he cums all over her!

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, Timestop, Freeze, Fighting, Catfighting, Belly Punches, Lesbian Kissing, Posing, Nipple Licking, Nudity, Catch and Release, Frozen Handjobs, Pantyhose Ripping, Stripping, Freeze Fucking, Cumshots


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Supergirl VS The Chloro Gang


Dakota Skye, Jenna Tonic, Rock, Brock, Miles and Eric – Dr. Badtouch, intergalactic god of supervillains, is looking through his magic pool, seeing what sort of mischief he can cause on Earth, he spots Supergirl, getting dressed and all alone, so he decides to break the Klor-O Gang out of prison to give her some company and teleports them into her apartment.

The KL gang aren’t the type to let golden opportunities slip through their fingers, so they rush at Supegirl, but she is too powerful for them. They shoot their KL smoke at her, but she holds her breath and keeps fighting.

Luckily, a police officer was walking by and heard all the ruckus and rushed in, right into the arms of the KL Gang, with the innocent female cop as leverage, the KL Gang quickly get Supergirl, and use their sleeping smoke powers to defeat Supergirl.

The girls wake up, bound and gagged on the floor, they are both weak and can’t escape the rope. The KL Gang comes in and separate the girls, and the leader begins tormenting the cop while Supergirl watches, he strips her and twists her nipples, then puts her on her knees and fucks her face.

Supergirl offers herself to the men if they let the girl go, they agree and make her beg them for their cocks, Supergirl begs like a slut and the gang feed her their cocks. She sucks their cocks till they all cum, one squirts his cum all over face, while the others cum in the back of her throat. *Explicit Sexual Content

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Trouble For Paradise Island


Caprice Capone, Alexandria, Rock, Brock, Miles and David – Batgirl has gone missing and Wonder Woman has been searching for her for weeks. She arrives home after looking around to find a gang of thugs in her living room holding onto a beaten and weak Batgirl

She rushes into action and tries to fight the thugs, but there are too many and they quickly overpower her and tie her up.

She demands to know why they’ve done this, and the head thug explains how they plan to use a new device they have to capture the minds of all the Amazonian women on Paradise Island, they plan to turn them all into sluts and turn the island into their very own Amazonian brothel, and they need Wonder Woman to tell them where they island is.

Wonder Woman refuses, so they punch her in the belly, but she still won’t tell. They decide to use Batgirl to get her to talk. One of the thugs grabs her and feels her pussy to find that she is a virgin, then fucks her till he cums, the other thugs hold ont Wonder Woman, making her watch.

After Batgirl has been fucked, the thugs decide to fuck Wonder Woman’s mouth, making a slobbery, drooly three-way superheroine blow bang

After the thugs fill Wonder Woman’s mouth with cum, she still refuses to talk, so the leader puts her over his knee and spanks her, then thugs hold them up and beat both girls until Wonder Woman finally cracks! *Explicit Sexual Content

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Bane & The Terrible Two


Dakota Skye, Jenna, Miles, Brock and Eric – After Robins(Dixie Grayson) tragic run-in with with The Triad Of Evil, Batman went on a vendetta against Black Mask and Dethstroke, but he never captured Bane, who has started his own squad. Batgirl and Robin(Tina Drake) are hot on their trail, but out of nowhere they are jumped by villains. The heroines defend themselves admirably, but Bane and The Terrible Two quickly overpower the duo

They drag them to a separate room and strip the girls of their utility belts, then hoist them up on the winch, dangling by their arms. Bane tells them how he plans on take over Gotham, and destroying them is the first step. He tosses the power glove to one of his henchmen, who fires painful electricity beams at the tortured fowl. He then unhooks the girls and binds Robin to the cross and Batgirl to the cell. They villains beat on the Dynamic Duo with a baseball bat and crowbar.

He then orders his men to tickle the girls, and they tickle both girls till they can’t take it anymore. Bane’s henchman, Suave, grabs a Hitachi, and rubs it on Batgirls pussy till she cums, Making Robin watch, then Suave hands the vibrator to his boss and Bane brings poor little Robin to a massive orgasm.

Bane’s other henchman, Rico, asks his boss if he could fuck the Batgirl, Bane agrees and him and Suave fuck Robins face till they cum, while Rico fucks Batgirl. The trio then locks the girls in the cell and leave them there for future use. *Explicit Sexual Content

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