The Experiments Of Dr. Insayne


MaX CoXXX and Hunter – Hunter has been captured by the mad scientist Dr. Insayne! He straps her to the table and feels her whole body over, she asks what he wants as he starts to play with her pussy. Then he starts to strip her while testing her body in various ways, tormenting her with his madness. He inserts his pen in her ass to get her temperature, but then realizes it’s just a pen, then he reveals his plan for her, he is going to use her to experiment with his new, cutting edge medical technology that he has invented, she begs him not to, but he continues, and he runs a pinwheel all over her body making her squeal, then he inserts a speculum into her pussy. He teases her with his shocking pads and is ready for the experiment. He shoves a shocking probe in her ass and in her pussy, then begins the shocking experiment!


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