Just A Dumb Heroine

Claire Desmarais and Maxwell Bare – Claire is an aspiring superheroine who just wants to join a team and fight crime, but since she doesn’t have any powers or gifts, she struggles. While looking in the paper she finds an ad calling for heroines to start a new superhero squad, she quickly calls and sets up an interview. She meets Maxwell,and he sits her down to interview her. He asks her all of the usual “superhero interview” questions, and finds out that she has no powers, no exceptional strength and is just a dumb wanna-be heroine, but he still acts impressed, and asks for a test of her strength. She hits him a couple of times, causing little effect, then he strikes back with a fury causing her to fall to the ground. He picks her up and throws her back into her chair and continues the interview, he asks her a question then timestops her with his timestop watch and she freezes, he picks her up and drags her to the center of the room and dishevels her clothes and plays with her body then sits her back down and restarts time. Claire realizes that her tits are exposed and covers them up explaining she has no idea what happened, Max tells her that that is no way to get a job, but despite her unprofessionalism, he tells her she can join his squad, but timestops her again. He has no interest in helping people, he just wants to lure wanna-be heroines like her so that he can timestop them and use their bodies as decorations in his evil secret lair. He strips Claire, and plays with her boobs, sucking on her nipples, then he sits her on the desk and takes her fishnets off, and plays with her feet, then takes her frozen hands and makes her play with her pussy and tits before posing her on the desk until he ready to use her.


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