Banes Hideout


Starring Zoey Foxx, Victoria Verve and Miles

Directed by Alex Dorian

Batgirl and Robin are out doing a bit of sleuthing. They’re pretty sure they are in the vicinity of Bane’s secret bedroom hideout, until they catch a glimpse of the villain himself. He’s walking by the entrance to a homelike cavern of evil, exactly the kind of place a villain of Bane’s caliber may rest.

The two heroines sneak toward the door only to come upon a note that reads: “Out to get some milk”, signed “B”. Who else could this mysterious “B” be? Our two heroines are determined to find out, as they show themselves in.

They show themselves into what turns out to be a comfy apartment, that is conspicuously messy, with chairs turned over and clothing on the floor. The two heroines fine nothing at first glance, but the skill of our villain Bane finds him on top of the situation.

Bane lies against the ceiling, watching their every move, waiting for the opportunity to strike. Just as the two ladies have let the guard down, Bane drops from the ceiling in an ambush. What ensues is a hand to hand brawl, the kind of combat in which Bane is adept and has skillfully forced the two to engage.

Bane has gained the upper hand, and as the two heroines are put into a weakened state, Bane continues to skillfully take advantage of the situation by getting his dick wet. He mashes both of their mouths on either side of his hard dick, and takes turn fucking Batgirl and Robin’s face.

Next he strips the two down and forces them to pleasure each other for his own viewing pleasure. Batgirl feels responsible for getting the young Robin involved in such a predicament, and apologizes over and over again as she hesitates to caress Robin’s young body and stroke her tight pussy. Bane then forces Batgirl to sit on Robin’s face and have her lick Batgirl’s shaven pussy.

The two struggle between the pleasure, embarrassment, and pain surrounding the situation as Bane continues to enjoy controlling their lewd acts. Robin begins to rub Batgirl doggystyle until she cums. Bane plays with the young Robin by resting his hard cock on Robin’s pussy, forcing Batgirl to lick both pussy and dick while simultaneously masturbating Robin.

Now that Bane has just about had his fill, he forces the two heroines’ mouths on his cock for one like for a thrilling climax of this saga of Bane’s Hideout.

He’ll literally throw the two out when he’s done.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroine, Sneaking, Supervillain, Fighting, Beating, Nudity, Lesbian, Pussy Licking, Fucking, Blow Job, Double Blow Job

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Deathstroke Meets Eriks Angels


Starring Loni Legend, Milcah Halili, Miles and Breezy

Directed by Alex Dorian

Once upon a time there were two girls who went to the police academy, but now they work for Erik, and he sends them on dangerous missions around the world.

Today the two girls go to get their assignment, Deathstroke is hiring goons to carry out a dangerous mission threatening national security, the girls accept and go on their way.

They show up at his hideout and he gives them the rundown on the mission, the girls attack, knocking him back, but he strikes with dangerous precision, and takes the girls down.

He ties them up and exposes their bodies, it’s time for a little interrogation. He waits for them to wake and starts asking them questions, who they work for and why they came, while running a powerful vibrator on their pussies. Orgasm after orgasm, the girls finally crack and tell him everything.

He decides to show Erik who he is messing with, and takes his cock out and fucks both girls, back and forth, making them squeal and squirm, he makes them suck his cock a bit then pounds them until he cums

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroine, Parody, Supervillain, Fighting, Beating, Bondage, Nudity, Interrogation, Forced Orgasm, Fucking, Blow Job, Double Blow Job

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Supergirl Saves The Day


Starring Katerina Kay, Rock and Miles

Directed by Alex Dorian

A sex crazed Supergirl clone has escaped from the hospital. With all the same abilities and powers as Supergirl, but a twisted sense of justice, she is the villains worse nightmare.

Small time thugs Rock and Miles have just captured a girl with intentions of hurting her. Rock isn’t up to hurting her, just robbing her, but fortunately “Supergirl” arrives and frees the girl from their clutches.

She uses her freeze breath to take care of them, then decides to punish them.

She tells Rock to remove his pants, then sucks and strokes the evil out of his cock until he cums all over her face. With the lesson taught, she lets him go.

Now she has to teach Miles a lesson. He is far more evil than Rock, so she has to put him in his place first. She forces him to worship her boots, then makes him worship her ass. She makes him crawl around kissing her boots. Then she tells him to lick and worship her pussy and then straddles him and rides his face until she cums.

She decides it’s time to hammer in the lesson and sucks his cock until he cums!

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, Villains, SFX, Female Domination, Blow Job, Facial, Handjob, Boot Worship, Control, Ass Worship, Pussy Licking, Face Riding, Orgasms, Foot Worship, Crawling

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Robin’s Stakeout


Starring Loni Legend, Willow Hayes and Miles

Directed by Alex Dorian

Robin is in the private residence of Madame Legend and Miles. The Madame and Miles are out, so Robin seizes the opportunity to set up an ambush…. but all this crime fighting has made Robin tired, so she decides to lay on their bed. It’s pretty comfy Robin thinks to herself, and decides to rest her eyes for just a second.

Approximately 47 minutes later, Madame Legend and Miles get home only to find Robin in a comfortable slumber. So what happens next is obvious. Miles the muscle roughs Robin up a bit. Madame Legend decides they show Robin what that bed is really used for.

They lay the semi-conscious Robin down on the bed next to them. Madame Legend begins to suck Miles’ dick, much to Robin’s displeasure. Then they decide its Robin’s turn to get in on the dick suck action.

Madame Legend is getting turned on, and wants her pussy licked. Miles shoves Robin’s face in the Madame’s pussy and works on wettening her up. Miles then breaks out a vibrator and hands it to Madame Legend. She gets on top of the helpless Robin and rubs their pussies together with the vibrator in between. Miles then gets on top and does Madame Legend doggystle on top of the weakened Robin.

Then its Robin’s turn. Miles gets on top of her while the Madame helps hold Robin down. He fucks Robin and fucks her, until she’s completely ravished and can barely go on. Once they’ve had their fun, they throw Robin in the closet and give her time to think about what had just happened.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, Super Villains, Sleeping, Blow Job, Face Sitting, Pussy Licking, Fucking, Cuckolding, Humiliation

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Stargirl’s Cosmic Rod


Starring Katarina Kay, Rock and Miles

Directed by Alex Dorian

Stargirl and Batman have teamed up to take down Bane, He tries to show them how tough and powerful he is, but Stargirl zaps him with her cosmic rod, and he realizes that he needs to up his game and get that staff!

He wrestles her for it, zapping Batman in the process, but powerful rod or not, Stargirl isn’t as strong as Bane, and he ends up taking the rod from her. He zaps Batman again, who starts shaking on the ground, he orders him to stand, and like a mindless zombie he does, Bane has taken control of the hero.

He orders him to put Stargirl on the bed, then he points the rod at her and commands her to cum, shooting a powerful orgasm beam at her, she starts to instantly cum, overwhelmed with wave after wave of numbing orgasms.

He orders her to play with her tits, then Batman suggests she suck their cocks, Bane uses the rod to get her on her knees, then she sucks both of their cocks till they cum!

Fetish Elements: Superheroine, Explicit Sexual Content, Mind Fuck, Control, Villain, Fighting, Forced Orgasm, Cumming, Masturbation, Blow Job, Nudity

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Supergirl ~VS~ Powergirl


Starring Miley May and Victoria Verve

Directed by Alex Dorian

Supergirl and Powergirl have been captured by a malevolent super entity. Trapped in a dark and scary dungeon, they awake demanding to be released. A voice sounds from above and tells them to do whatever he says to be released. They stand firm and tell him they will not, so he zaps them with a celestial electricity beam, they collapse, still Supergirl refuses to play his game, Powergirl however, doesn’t seem to care and punches her friend in the back of the head.

Supergirl falls and Powergirl starts to wail on her, she presses her boot firmly on the weakened heroines chest, then starts to pose for disembodied voice. Supergirl recovers from the attack, and rises to her feet, clenching her decides to give Powergirl a lesson in humility and punches her in the face, then again and again, then punches her in the belly. She throws her on the ground and starts to spank her.

A pile of sex toys materialize on the table and Supergirl knows what to do. She puts Powergirl on the table and makes her worship her tits, then kisses her, then lays her down and starts to eat her pussy till she has a super orgasm, then sits on Powergirls face and rides her, then goes to a 69 position till they both cum. Supergirl grabs a strap on and puts it on, then slides the cock into Powergirls pussy and pounds her hard and deep until she cums again. Supergirl stands and demands to be freed as she has won, but the voice just shoots more electricity at the proud heroine.

Supergirl wakes on a St. Andrews Cross, bound and helpless, with the reinvigorated Powergirl in front of her. Powergirl starts by playing with Supergirl’s boobs, sucking on her nipples, then starts to finger and lick her pussy. She grabs a Hitachi and starts to rub it on Supergirl’s pussy, making her moan and come to a powerful orgasm, then she rips her off the X and throws her to a bed and begins licking her pussy. Once she is ready and wet, she puts on a strap-on and starts to fuck Supergirl till she cums again.

Powergirl demands to be freed as she has won, but their captor doesn’t seem to care, he zaps them again. They awake each strapped to their own cross, powerless and waiting for whatever the collector wishes to do with them.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroine, Lesbian, Fighting, Spanking, Belly Punching, Costumes, Nipple Licking, Kissing, Pussy Licking, 69, Orgasms, Forced Orgasms, Strap-On, Dildo Fucking, Bondage, Fingering, Vibrator, Dildo Sucking, Fucking, Blow Job

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Leech’s Reckoning


Starring Loni Legend and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Red Fox is on the prowl. Her friends Devan Dauntless and Rebecca Rush have both been defeated by the villain Leech. He sucked their powers out of their pussies until they were weak normal girls. Then, using their powers Leech would commit heinous crimes and steal the powers of other heroines.

Red Fox has tracked Leech to his lair. Sensing his evil presence, she orders Leech to pay for his crimes against superhumanity. An old man in a power wheel chair emerges from the darkness, dressed in Leech’s costume. He tells her that absorbing all those powers had weakened and crippled him. Red Fox, paragon of good, steps forward offering her help, villain or not.

Leech sees her compassion as the weakness it is and thrusts his brittle hand toward the heroine’s unsuspecting pussy, sucking enough juice to cure his ailments, restoring his vitality.

The reinvigorated super villain decides to celebrate his new power with a good ol’ fashioned heroine suck fest.

Leech has Red Fox’s wrists and ankles pinned down on the wooden X. She is completely powerless to Leech as he decides to play with her. He unsheathes a vibrator and rubs it on her tits and pussy. She struggles against the pleasure, forgetting that she is struggling against her enemy.

He then releases her from the wooden X, and thrusts his cock into her throat over and over again. He proceeds to fuck her on her back and stomach, as she struggles to fight him off. He keeps going and going until he blows a load across her chest and into her mouth. He leaves the weakened hero to go and do more dastardly deeds.

Fetish Elements: Superheroine, Explicit Sexual Content, Forced Orgasm, Peril, Bondage, Fucking, Blowjob, Cumshot

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Batgirl Captured


Starring Dee Dee Lynn and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Batgirl has heard a rumor about a gang leader who has a plan to capture the mayor. She sneaks to his hideout and follows him, waiting for the perfect moment to attack…but he’s quicker then she thought!

He hears her footsteps behind him and sets a trap, hitting her hard and dazing her, then throws her down and beats her to submission.

He ties her arms over her head on the winch, then starts to expose her body. He grabs a Hitachi and rubs it on her pussy, bringing her to a massive orgasm while struggling against her binds.

He throws the further weakened heroine to the mattress, and pulls out his cock and starts to fuck her face.

With her hands still bound, he fucks her tight pussy in a number of positions all over his evil dungeon before cumming all over her.

He takes the bound, beaten and humiliated super heroine and puts her back on the winch, struggling, while he goes to get the mayor.

Fetish Elements: Superheroine, Explicit Sexual Content, AOH, Bondage, Forced Orgasm, Beating, Blow Job, Cumshots, Fucking

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Batgirl To The Rescue


Starring Penny Pax, Willow Hayes, Sarah and Miles

Directed by Alex Dorian

Robin has been taken by Catwoman, she leaves a note for Batgirl to find. Catwoman orders her thug to tie up the sidekick in a secret room so she can have her fun with Batgirl.

Batgirl shows up to the secret lair and attacks the villains, but she is quickly overpowered, Catwomans thug spanks her then they put her on her knees and he fucks her face.

Catwoman unzips the crotch of her latex suit and has Batgirl lick her pussy, then puts on a strap on on fucks the heroines face before laying her down and fucking her tight pussy.

The villain thinks she’s won, but Batgirl breaks free, knocking both villains away so she can go and save her sidekick.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroine, Super Villain, Taken, Bondage, Rigging, GIMP, Struggling, Bound, Fighting, Belly Punching, Spanking, Blow Job, Fucking, Lesbian, Latex, Strap On Fucking, Pussy Licking, Fucking

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Lasso of Truth


Starring Victoria Verve and Miles

Directed by Alex Dorian

Wonder Woman and Miles, one of Black Mask’s thugs, are deep in battle. They exchange kicks and punches to the stomach and face. But Miles’ efforts are no match in the end for Wonder Woman’s awesome power.

Wonder Woman ties Miles up with her Lasso of Truth and begins to interrogate him. The magical powers of the lasso compel Miles to tell the truth, causing him to reveal Black Mask’s plans to conquer the world and make Wonder Woman his personal slave.

Wonder Woman decides to show Miles and Black Mask who’s really in charge by giving the thug a little punishment. He’s bound by rope as Wonder Woman slaps him, beats him, and spanks him on her lap like a little boy.

She decides to step things up a bit. She whips out her tits and has Miles licking and sucking. She motorboats Miles so he has nothing else to see.

Wonder Woman decides her boots need a shine, having him lick and worship them up and down, from the heel to the leg. They’re looking shiny at this point as she has her sharp heels digging into his chest, and all Miles can do is tilt his head down enough to give a good lick shine.

As soon as Wonder Woman feels her boots are clean enough, she lassos Miles around the neck like a leash. She walks him like a out the room, enjoying her new pet.

Fetish Elements: Superheroine, Female Domination, Fighting, Interrogation, Dominant Women, Boot Worship, Ass Worship, Boob Worship, Nipple Sucking, Boot Licking, Slave, Rope, Leash

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